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In a faraway time, in the future, the three realms, making up the universe of living beings, are on the verge of destruction, and a hero must rise to become their savior.

Everyone thought that 19-year-old Mathias, the Codeman, was just an ordinary nerd teen. But very few knew of the prophecy that would make his life take an extraordinary turn. Codeman discovers that he is destined to save the three realms: the technological empire of Techtopia, the mystical land of Netherheim, and the haven of EQ Haven.

As Codeman steps into the whirlwind of discoveries of his past and future, unbelievable powers are unlocked within him. With the alliance of a group of friends and their unique abilities, he begins the epic fight against the sinister Satan, who is hell-bent on destroying the universe's balance with evilness and greed. As the heroes save each realm, a piece of the complex puzzle falls into place, leading them to the showdown with Satan.

Would Codeman and his friends be able to defeat the evil and save the three realms? Would they discover the truth hidden under the layers of shadows and darkness? Read "Codeman: New Beginnings" to discover the secrets. This futuristic tale of friendship and courage will take you on a roller coaster journey of the unique realms, each turn of the page bringing you closer to the edge of your seat.


Scottland Little

Scottland Little, a twenty-year-old Arizonan, emerged from the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, with an inspiring tale of conquering his autism. Now aspiring to attend ASU, he aims to unite technology and the arts in a unique way that aligns with his vision. Firm in his belief that we shape our own reality through thoughts, actions, and the power of our minds, Scottland is committed to empowering others with the same perception.

Codeman is Scottie's brainchild, a dream harbored since the tender age of seven. He wants to evolve the character from an ordinary being to a force that can inspire others. His vision extends beyond as he wants Codeman to reach out and touch lives to contribute positively to the world. In Scottland Little's world, the mastery of controlling our minds holds the key to overcoming any challenge, a philosophy he hopes to share through his story of the Codeman.

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