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Commercial Vehicles in Residential District

Code Man's Photo of the Month Winner

"Commercial Vehicles Parked in Residential District" 

Provided by: Pat Fisher

Kissimmee Code Enforcement

Fire Hydrant Art

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Male Box

"Let's take the BLIGHT Out of Crime!"

Unsafe Hoarding

"Unsafe Structures" need to be Removed ASAP!

Rotten Steps

 Wood boring organisms & wet and dry rot can wreak havoc if not caught in time.

Illegal Dumping

"Illegal Dumping" is Hazardous and Ugly!

Illegal Sign

Signs, Signs & More Illegal SIGNS...

Gas Furnace Exhaust Vent

Plumbing & Electric work w/o Permits is DANGEROUS!


Graffiti HURTS...


Unkept Pools can be havens for Mosquitos and Safety concerns!

Junk Trash & Debris

Junk, Trash & Debris must be disposed of properly.

Damaged Sidewalk

Proper Maintenance is CRITICAL and less expensive than Rehab.

Abandoned Foreclosure

Foreclosures & Bank Walk-a-Ways lead to ABANDONED STRUCTURES & VANDALISM


High Grass & Weeds can Hide Criminals and allow them access.

Pedestrian Hazard

Sometimes WE must ABATE the Violations ourselves!

Inoperable Vehicle

Vehicles, RV's, Vessels, & Trailers must be operable and legally parked!

Outside Storage

Outside Storage is UNSIGHTLY and often hazardous.


Hurricane Season can turn illegal Sheds into Deadly Missles!


Structure Fires can be a real challenge to keep safe & secure...

Broken Window

Ever heard of "The Broken Window Theory" ?

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