National Crime Prevention Council


To be the nation’s leader in helping people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime.

National Crime Prevention Coalition


2100 Jefferson Davis Highway

Suite 901

Arlington, VA 22202

Phone: (202) 466-6272


“Take A Bite Out Of Crime.”

It is a slogan familiar to billions of people all over the world. But do you know the meaning behind the famous phrase? Every year that we celebrate Crime Prevention Month in October, it is a time to reflect on this popular slogan that means we each can do something individually or collectively to prevent crime in our communities.

The National Crime Prevention Council hopes you will join with us in celebrating each year. There are many ways to bring crime prevention to your communities. You can:

· Organize a Celebrate Safe Communities event at      


· Arrange local McGruff the Crime Dog appearances

· Place NCPC crime prevention tips in your newsletters

· Order copies of the free Crime Prevention Month kit and calendar

· Download and print reproducible brochures from our website (

· Join our membership through the National Crime Prevention Association

· Request a fee-for-service training from NCPC’s top-notch trainers

· Visit ( with children in your lives to help them grow up safe

A safe community means working together with local law enforcement agencies, businesses, and people who live in the community. Remember, crime prevention is everybody’s business.

Thank you for helping McGruff the Crime Dog and the National Crime Prevention Council “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.”


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