A Code Enforcement Hero


Apopka Code Enforcement Officer performs Life Saving Procedure

On January 8, 2014 Code Man received this email account from Dave Whitty, Code Enforcement Officer with the City of Apopka Police Department.

“Here is what happened at Perkins, here today in Apopka re: my partner, CE Officer Aaron Graulau.......
We were having lunch, when a man at the table next to us, asked for assistance because his wife was choking on something & having a hard time breathing. She was crying, scared, and in much discomfort. While I was tending to her & her husband, Aaron got on the radio to Dispatch, who had the Fire Dept in route. Then, Aaron applied the Heimlich maneuver on the woman, clearing her airway, allowing her to breathe better. Our Fire Dept. tended to her to make sure she was ok & she was. Thanks to Aaron, the woman was able to breathe properly again. We're thankful that she's ok. And to Aaron, a job well done!”

Code Enforcement Officer’s Aaron Graulau and Dave Whitty’s quick actions probably saved a life yesterday and reflect well not only on themselves, but also on the City of Apopka Police Department and the Code Enforcement profession.

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