Minimum Housing Standards

These are high priority and core level service cases for most Code Enforcement Departments because regular maintenance is a lot more effective and affordable than allowing neglect to continue until a minor repair job turns into an expensive major rehabilitation project. The roofs, exteriors, interiors, openings, appliances, and fixtures of all structures including accessory structures like pools, screen enclosures, garages, sheds and even mailboxes need to be properly maintained to the Minimum Housing Standards adopted. Did you know that most localities require Address Numbers be posted at all addresses for improved Emergency Response?
Most construction work requires permits and/or using licensed contractors. Please check with your Building Department before starting any work of any kind. It may save you money in the long run! Vacant / Abandoned / Unsecured structures are typically treated like Public Nuisances and often do not require sending Notices prior to securing (Board-ups) due to safety concerns. So please insure your property is monitored regularly. Some structures may be neglected for so long, or experience some sort of hazard causing them to be condemned as unfit or unsafe for occupancy. Examples of Minor Unsafe situations could be No Water or Electric, and Overcrowding – too many people occupying it at one time. Major Unsafe Structures are more serious and often require prompt corrective actions or abatement by demolition; like after a Hurricane or Fire. Graffiti / Tagging is a crime typically resulting in property and business owners becoming innocent victims but they are still responsible for removing the violation ASAP because of the “Broken Window” affect on our neighborhoods. The faster these items are corrected the less likely the criminal mischief acts will continue.

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