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About Us: SWACE – SouthWest Association of Code Enforcement

Why Join SWACE - What's In It For me?

TERRITORY: The geographical area that SWACE represents shall be all particular municipal, county and state agencies within the boundaries of Charlotte County, Collier County, Desoto County, Glades County, Hendry County, Highlands County, Lee County, and Incorporated Areas.  But everyone is welcome!

PURPOSE: The purpose of SWACE shall be:
a. To increase Southwest Florida networking and coordination efforts among fellow professionals;
b. To aggressively attack problem causes, ordinances and personnel issues we deal with daily;
c. To create standard educational tools that would be beneficial to Southwest Florida citizens;
d. To assist the Florida Association of Code Enforcement (FACE) with their goals, commit to publishing an article in the interface newsletters;
e. To be a working organization creating solutions;
f. To improve service and quality of life for citizens within Southwest Florida;
g. To improve the prestige of Code Enforcement Officials by the promotion of higher standards of education and efficiency in the administration and application of environmental laws;
h. To provide professional assistance and technical advice to governmental agencies in the promulgation and administration of environmental laws;
i. To provide the public with general interpretation of codes and code enforcement procedures.

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