Priority Response Policy

Priority Response Policy

Due to the high volume of calls for service received by the Code Enforcement Division on a daily basis, it has become necessary to develop a policy to direct Code Officers in appropriate complaint priority assignment and response.

We have a list that is used as a tool to guide in the decision making process on which calls to respond to first on any given day.  Health & Safety having the Highest Priority and Nuisance having the least. 

The Code Enforcement Division attempts to respond to every request received within 2 -24 hours.  However, this may not be practical during peak times.

Priority Response List:

  • Health & Safety
  • Crime Related
  • Primary Targets
  • Repeat Offenders/Old Open Cases
  • Visually Obvious
  • Ape's & Other Agency Complaints
  • Neighborhood Generated
  • Personally Motivated
  • Anonymous
  • Nuisance 

We respectfully request Other Agencies & City Divisions document their respective efforts at gaining compliance with City Codes or problem solving prior to automatically assigning it to Code Enforcement.   At a minimum the CEM will need an e-mail request detailing these efforts and copies of any associated correspondence to create a complaint and assign an Action Order to the appropriate officer.

Primary Targets

Code Enforcement strives to specifically target the most serious violations first.  Then weekly identifies the addresses which are added to our “Most Wanted” List. 

Typical Targets on "Most Wanted" List:

  • Unsafe Structures
  • Significant Property Maintenance Issues
  • The Worst Looking – High Visibility
  • Oldest Non-complied Cases/Situations
  • Repeat Offenders – Problem Property Owners

Visually Obvious Types

Code Enforcement has identified 4 varieties of common visually obvious violation types.  The number and nature of these violations have generated a need for us to direct staff to respond with self-initiated code officer activity.

Visually Obvious Targets:

  • Vehicle Related
  • Rapid Response Team Requests
  • Trash, Junk, & Debris
  • Illegal Signs

Low Priority Complaints

Code Enforcement receives numerous complaints and requests for service for many other violation types but if not a "Primary Target" or "Visually Obvious".  They will be assigned a lower priority for response. (Address numbers fall in this category.)

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