A Code Enforcement Officers Prayer

Oh Lord, my God, this city is so great, and my car is so small.

Watch over me, and my brother and sister code officers as we go about our daily tasks.

Grant that I may reach my area, and then return home safely without being struck down, or injured in the line of duty.

We willingly go in harms way, to do our duty, to the best of our ability, and to support our loved ones. We go forth alone, unarmed, and unafraid, protected only by Your armor.

We pray Thee that today, not be the day that one of us knocks on the wrong door, at the wrong time.  If that awful moment should come, we pray that our families will be comforted by the knowledge that we will always hold a place of honor in the hearts, and minds of those who shared the hazards with us every working day. We know in our hearts that You will hold us in Your eternal grace for all time.

And at the end of our last tour of duty, out there oh Lord, we pray that all code officers be led by those who do not just "talk the talk," but by those who have "walked the walk."

If no one else acknowledges us Lord, we believe that You appreciate our sacrifices and will "enforce" this, a "Code Officers Prayer."

The following prayer was written by Hollywood Code Enforcement Officer Michael J.F. Meeka, February 18, 1996.
Dedicated to all Code Enforcement Officers, past, present and future. (Printed with permission).

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