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Our Mission

Code Man's foundation is based on 2 primary Mission Statements:

Code Man's Purpose & Vision/Mission statements.

SWACE believes in the delivery of exceptional government services.   Our Chapter's Code Enforcement Divisions focus on employing creative and effective code enforcement, to protect all property owners, residents, businesses, and visitors within our city's legal jurisdictions.

For Example - Please take a moment and look at the:

City of Fort Myers Code Enforcement Mission Statements.

Code of Ethics 

Members of the Florida Association of Code Enforcement, Inc. subscribe to, and are governed by the Florida Association of Code Enforcement, Inc.  & so are our local Chapters like:

SWACE - SouthWest Association of Code Enforcement

Read our Code of Ethics.

CODE MAN's Basic Philosophy

Due to the high volume of "Calls for Service" received by all Code Enforcement Division's on a daily basis, we have devised a policy to direct Code Officers in appropriate complaint priority assignment and response. 

Learn more about our Priority Response Policy and Primary Targets.

A Code Enforcement Officer's Prayer

Review the inspirational  "A Code Enforcement Officer's Prayer" written by a fellow officer.  It's dedicated to all Code Enforcement Officers - past, present and future. 

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Code Man says, “Let’s take the BLIGHT out of crime!”